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Kati Agocs

"Requiem Fragments evolves from peaceful to anguished episodes through seamless interweaving of incandescent themes"

– GRAMOPHONE MAGAZINE, October 2017 (Donald Rosenberg)

"Cast in the context of a requiem, Requiem Fragments traces a lifespan from idyllic childhood and onwards through the complications and complexities of everyday life. Feeding into it are the experiences of expatriates and refugees, so it has a burning resonance today. Insecurity and loss of innocence inform the narrative, and the music conveys a sense of forward movement throughout."

– MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL, Recording of the Month/Review of The Debrecen Passion by Boston Modern Orchestra Project and Lorelei Ensemble, 17 September 2016 (Stephen Greenbank)

"Requiem Fragments was moving and taut: rolling waves of tangled activity breaking into a cathartic tonal chorale - only to crash and collapse into a quiet, scattered ending."

- THE BOSTON GLOBE, Review of Boston Modern Orchestra Project, 28 May 2010 (Matthew Guerrieri) 


- THE BOSTON MUSICAL INTELLIGENCER, Review of Requiem Fragments as performed by Boston Modern Orchestra Project, May 2010 

"In the opening, piccolo and solo violin warily circled each other with super-high pianissimo notes and artificial harmonics. The effect was not so much ethereal as it was unearthly, the faint music of suns millions of light-years away." 

- THE HALIFAX HERALD CHRONICLE, Review of Requiem Fragments as performed by Symphony Nova Scotia: 'Festival Opener Delivers Emotional Authority', January 8, 2011