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Kati Agocs

Saint Elizabeth Bells conjured up a hallucinatory world of overtones, musical material derived from church bells near the hospital where father lay dying in 2011. The peculiar richness of the cimbalom (played by Nicholas Tolle) generated layers of harmonic haze within which Hub’s Allison Drenkow’s cello sang with lyric melancholy.

- THE BOSTON MUSICAL INTELLIGENCER, Hub New Music Debuts with “Strength in Fragility”, January 24, 2016 (Brian Schuth)

Saint Elizabeth Bells reminisced on Agócs’s father’s last days. In nine minutes, cellist Allison Drenkow streamed through the spectrum of human emotions. Her instrument’s sound trembled and roared under the otherworldly ring of Nicholas Tolle’s cimbalom, a hammered dulcimer that sounds like a piano echoing in a dream.

- THE BOSTON GLOBE, Hub New Music Transports with all-Kati Agócs program, January 27, 2016 (Zoë Madonna)