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Kati Agocs

“At First Light  by 25-year-old Juilliard student and professional soprano Kati Agócs, stood up proudly in good company. It combines great tensile strength with a gorgeous unfolding of luminous lyrical episodes, rich inventive counterpoint, and a feeling of deep, elusive mystery. Agócs reveals her procedural machinery in the music’s final moments, but the mystery remained long after this superb performance was over.” 

- THE BOSTON GLOBE, Review of Metamorphosen Chamber Orchestra, 2000 (Richard Dyer) 

“Imagine my delight when a passage in the cellos soon captivated my ears with the makings of a truly individual voice, a voice that increased in color and ingenuity as the work continued.” 

- THE BOSTON HERALD, Review of Metamorphosen Chamber Orchestra, 2000

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Kati Agocs

"music of fluidity and austere beauty" - The Boston Globe

"a setting of a psalm, the lament of a people in a foreign land who can no longer bring themselves to sing the hymns of their homeland....haunting and reflective" - The Daily Gazette (Schenectady, NY)

"brief, straight and altogether beautiful" - Audiophile Audition

"phrases that leap and float, and sound both ancient and contemporary" - Gramophone Magazine

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Kati Agocs

"sublime...a mystical confluence of the sacred and secular" - The Boston Globe

"a kind of Song-of-Solomon-like merging of spiritual and earthly ecstacy...unpredictable to the end" -  Boston Classical Review

"ravishingly beautiful...orchestral interludes of great power and beauty" - Boston Musical Intelligencer

"delivers a moving, spiritual experience, both powerful and uplifting" - MusicWeb International

"refreshingly different....moving" -Audiophile Audition

"glowing orchestral iridescent wonder" - Gramophone Magazine

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Kati Agocs

"evokes an aura of mystery and magic" - MusicWeb International

"hypnotic" - Boston Musical Intelligencer

"filled with attractive ideas..." - The New York Times

"gorgeous" - The Hub Review, Boston

"winds the orchestra through a maze of left turns and unexpected flashes of discovery." - WQXR

"a different array of spiritual moods... highlights Agócs’s keen ear for instrumental possibilities [and] bold sense of colour and architecture..." - Gramophone Magazine

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Kati Agocs

"gripping.... produced an array of sound montages to great effect... an ideal choice as an overture for the evening’s program."" - Ontario Arts Review

" turns discordantly suspenseful and richly majestic" - The Minneapolis Star Tribune

"...a fascinating balance of strength and sadness" - Pioneer Press,


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ELYSIUM (2010)

Kati Agocs

"juxtaposes a tape part consisting of spoken-word field recordings recounting shipwrecks (almost a counterpoint in itself, the voices of the various narrators interwoven in such a deft manner) with a score in which the sea is perfectly heard, with the solo cello representing nothing less than the voice of God…” - Blogue Clavier Bien Tempèrè, Montreal

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Kati Agocs

"moving and taut..." - The Boston Globe

"hypnotic" - Boston Musical Intelligencer

"not so much ethereal as unearthly, the faint music of suns millions of light-years away" - The Halifax Chronicle Herald

"has a burning resonance today" - MusicWeb International

 "evolves from peaceful to anguished episodes through seamless interweaving of incandescent themes" - Gramophone Magazine

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Kati Agocs

"a hoedown whirl of symphonic fun...a burst of party energy" - The Toronto Star

"a fun, accessible piece that shows off the orchestra's full breadth, and deserves to be heard again" - Musical Toronto

"Shenanigan whirls with the energy, struggle, and humour of the people of our region" - The St. John's Telegram (Newfoundland, Canada)

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VESSEL (2011)

Kati Agocs

"sublime....utilizes the medieval technique of multiple simultaneous texts to create something unmistakably modern."- The Boston Globe

"music with a timeless appeal" - MusicWeb International

"exemplifies the composer’s penetrating individuality" - Gramophone Magazine

"music that seems to come directly from nature....reveals a wonderfully accessible lyricism that unfolds with both drama and complexity" - The American Academy of Arts and Letters

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